Hello, I’m Justin Hamacher, Seattle based creative director, educator and artist. Welcome to my portfolio of design work; here you’ll find experiences I’ve designed myself and the work of the talented teams I’ve been fortunate to lead.

Design life is a continual feed of surprise challenges that delight me and prompt me to look with new eyes....I’m reminded daily why I am here on this planet and engaged in design --> to learn and grow.

Leading design teams is not like leading other technology teams; designers have particular intelligences, emotional needs and talents that need to be nurtured in unique and individually crafted ways. I’ve learned over my career that a design team is only as good as the the trust and emotional connection they have with their direct leadership. Humor and empathy are great tools in building strong team bonds and fostering opportunities for design practices, organizations and prodcuts to thrive.

The past 15 years have given me the opportunity to work in design leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies, to run boutique design studios, to teach at universities and work on design related socially conscious civic initiatives here in the Pacific Northwest.

On larger scales, this has meant building and leading 70 person design teams spanning 3 continents (for HARMAN, now Samsung) and on more intimate scales I’ve lead cross-disciplinary student groups in design explorations of homelessness and equity in Seattle.
As a designer I can work strategically with executive teams and clients and also in actual software designing with my teams. I also can function comfortably in both UX and UI roles, and my work is emboldened by my background as a fine artist, musician, writer, educator and psychologist. All this creates a broad lens through which to lead explorations.

2015-2017 I also served on the full-time design faculty at the University of Washington, as the core studio instructor in the premier commercially focused Masters in Human-Computer Interaction and Design program (MHCID).

Recent consulting projects have focused on advising design management teams as their companies grow and also using design thinking to address civic issues that have resulted from Seattle's rapid growth.

I love hearing about what other design thinkers and creatives are up to, and am available for select mentoring, coaching and design leadership endeavors.

You can learn more about my professional background here

Feel free to reach out to me:
Justin(at symbol)tellous(dot)com