Faculty, University of Washington

Masters Human Computer Interaction and Design (MHCID)
  • HCID 510 Design of Interactive Systems
  • HCID 511 Ideation Studio
  • HCID 521 Prototyping Studio
  • HCID 541 Masters Capstone
  • HCID 590 Design, Use, Build Seminar
  • HCID 598 Portfolio Design

Human Centered Design and Engineering (HCDE)
  • HCDE 492 Senior Capstone
  • HCDE 593 Masters Capstone

Division of Design (DOD)
  • DES 385 Design, Innovation & Society
  • DES 386 Visual Storytelling
  • DES 495 Internship

2015-2017 I served on the full-time faculty teaching in the Division of Design at the University of Washington where I focused primarily on teaching graduate students in the premier Masters in Human Computer Interaction and Design Program (MHCID). During this one year instense masters program, I was the graduate student’s main instructor, leading them through a full cycle of design thinking curriculum that culminated in a commercially sponsored capstone project. I’ve also served on the admissions and executive committees for MHCID.

We were fortunate to work with sponsors such as NASA, Microsoft, Amazon, HTC, Artefact, Frog, Two of Us and many others. Our talented graduates have gone on to take roles at some of these companies, Google, Apple, Facebook and others.
The university classes I teach are primarily studio in nature and project based drawing on my years of commercial experience as a designer and practice director. Classes generally involve students following user-centered design processes and cover research, ideation, prototyping and testing. At the university and off campus, I also offer lecture courses and independent study classes/sessions centered around cross-cultural visual communication, interdisciplinary ideation and civic engagement between technology and society.

Teaching is a tremendous privilege and responsibility and one of my favorite things to do; there are few things in life which are more satisfying than sharing the knowledge one has gained through the years with newer practitioners eager to enter the design space.
Commercial design and UX life can be overwhelming for newer practitioners, and I delight in helping make sense of the broad discipline and mapping to the skills and goals of an individual.

In the right learning environment, a student can emerge not only equipped with top notch design and technology skills, but with complimentry knowledge of psychology, cross-cultural anthropology, the arts, and humanities. My goal in teaching is to create an environment that produces these complex, interdisciplinary design thinkers.

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