CLIENT: Zonar / Mercedes / Continental
INDUSTRY: Telematics
LOCATION: International

Our two year engagement with Zonar began with a pitch to win their work away from another technology consultancy here in Seattle. We succeeded and had an embedded team of 25 engineers and UX designers overseeing the recreation of their Ground Traffic Control (GTC) system, a rich collection of hardware and software used by companies to manage large fleets of vehicles.

Following a user-centered design paradigm, we explored customer service records, interviewed users at their annual conference and gathered information from truckers, mechanics and managers. We tore down the information architecture of their existing system and recreated the hierarchy based on user needs and task flows, testing live data speed in the cloud from vehicles in the field back to the control centers. We followed an Agile software development approach that was modifed to involve remote developers as well.

Zonar started off as a single engagement customer but our work was strong enough to eventually become their agency of record (AOR) and earn ownership of research responsibilities at their annual conference and design of their main marketing portal; our branding on GTC also became their main company branding. 

You can read a bit more about the Ground Traffic Control system here
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